What to expect when you work with Elite Resume Today


Updated Jan 5, 2022

Your resume is an important tool in your job search, and working with a professional resume writer will make you three times as likely to land the job. In fact, it’s been proven that a resume written by an expert makes you 32% more likely to land a job and earn a higher salary. When you get professionally written resume, recruiters will feel more confident presenting you to a hiring manager or client. Your resume will present your professional journey in one compelling career narrative that highlights your value.

We’re excited you’ve decided to partner with us for a shorter, better job search. But what is it actually like to work with a professional resume writer? Here, we’ve outlined the steps of the Elite Resume Today process so you know what to expect.

Getting to know you

To write your resume, we need to get to know you. We want to know your story —your career history, accomplishments, the ideal outcomes for your job search— so we can best serve you and your goals.

Our questionnaire is one tool we use to learn about you, and we appreciate you filling it out with a ton of detail. If there’s any additional information you’d like your writer to know, you can send your writer a message using the Elite Resume Today dashboard. The more we know about how you hope to use your professional documents, the better we can set you up for success.

Meet your match

Our network features thousands of professional writers across a variety of industries and locations. Your questionnaire will give us insight into your industry, goals, and needs, and we’ll use that information to match you with the expert best poised to make your career story shine.

Once we’ve matched you with a writer, they will message you through the Elite Resume Today dashboard to introduce themselves. If you have anything to share, you can send a message to your writer at any time.

Sit tight

After you’ve been matched with your writer, they will work their magic, taking a deep dive into your background to create the most successful documents possible. Expect to receive a message in the dashboard that contains your first draft within seven business days of the submission of your questionnaire. If you need your documents faster, you can specify that in your questionnaire.

In the meantime, you can check out these tips for what to do while waiting to set you up for a more successful job search.

Provide feedback

Because your voice matters, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback for your writer. Through our dashboard, you have about a week to work together on your new resume. We recommend providing your revisions in as few rounds as possible to ensure that your writer is able to consider the impact of your requests on your job search strategy as a whole.

With this approach, we are able to deliver a resume that will empower you to accomplish your job search goals efficiently. This way, you can quickly get started with the most important thing of all — your job search.

Add some special features

Throughout the process, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your order and further boost your job search. You can add a phone consultation with your writer or thank-you letter for when you follow up after an interview, plus extra bonuses like online distribution for your resume. We want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to be successful in your search.

Seal the deal

After collaborating with your writer, the final draft awaits. Download your polished, professional document from the dashboard and get ready for a renewed job search. Your resume is always available for you to access on the Elite Resume Today dashboard at any time.

Land the job

Armed with a shiny new resume, you’re ready to tackle your job search. We wish you the best of luck as you submit your professionally written resume — if you’re anything like our past customers, you’ll be signing a contract in no time.

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