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landed a job with a 16K raise
“able to land a job with a 16k raise in the midst of COVID-19 in just 2 months..”
Lee Watkins
4 hours ago
I wanted to hire me after my new resume
“I used the Resume she wrote on the following Monday and had 3 companies..”
Heather Thorne
4 hours ago
I will be starting my new job Monday!
“put together and professional in a field that is particularly unique..”
John J. Webb
5 hours ago
100% worth the investment
“turned my "poor written resume"(I did myself) into something that caught..”
Stephanie S
7 hours ago
Helped me discover my brand
“22 years serving in the military, they helped me … be successful in the civilian..”
Justin Boyd
8 hours ago
This has changed my professional life
“passion for their customers' success is evident in the immediate response..”
Helen Winslow
8 hours ago
I am officially off the market!
“It took less than 30 days from your rerwrite to find me a good job..”
Frank T. Ratcliffe
10 hours ago
Job search just got a lot easier
“transforming my employment history into a beautifully-formatted and..”
Lisa Ferguson
10 hours ago
I’m sitting in my new office, thank you
“I could not have done it without the professionalism of the writer’s work..”
Annie G
12 hours ago
Help put my best foot forward
“I have seen what’s out there and so far none of my colleagues, friends, ..”
Carol Lima
12 hours ago
The process was a breeze
“I am thrilled with the professional resume you wrote for me. Your input and..”
Kim J. Brooks
14 hours ago
New resume opened doors that were closed
“Most of us also write our own resumes. I know that I did, and..”
Jeanne W
14 hours ago
I accepted an offer making $15,000 more
“Once I started circulating my resume I received instant calls for interviews..”
Dale Ward
16 hours ago
Confident to showcase this resume
“I can apply for jobs now and be confident I have an outstanding resume to..”
Ellen Willis
18 hours ago
got the one I wanted
“You are the best! I got the job - turned down 2 job offers..”
Michael A. Lyons
1 day ago
Resume gave me the competitive edge
“I have received numerous call backs in my search for new employment..”
Jennifer W
1 day ago
recommended them to several people
“went above and beyond my expectations and made sure I was satisfied..”
Tony S
1 day ago
New resume exceeded any and all expectations
“EliteResumetoday is an extremely professional company offering an above..”
Jarrod Crotty
1 day ago
great new job & with a 17.2% salary increase
“Interviewers have told me that my resume was impressive and I must thank..”
Thomas A. Delgado
1 day ago
what a big ROI!!!
“My writers work gave me an additional edge in my career. Simply amazing.."
David Owen
1 day ago
worth every penny
“My resume is exactly what I wanted: A professional statement of my ..”
Linda N. Cole
1 day ago
The job was mine
“he has received 1,200 resumes in the last week...and MINE stood out with..”
Bobby F
1 day ago
The resume WORKS!
“sent an email just 2 hours ago, & have already received a call for an interview..”
Charleen Kinder
1 day ago
Received many calls and interviews
“I was offered the perfect position, with higher pay. The one thing that helped..”
Chris Swartz
2 days ago
A game-changer for me
“I felt much more confident walking into the interviews and the..”
Anna Taylor
2 days ago
My resume looks & feels great
“If I don't get a job with this resume I may as well become a used car salesman.."
Michelle W
2 days ago
Resume caught their eye right away
“the resume caught their eye right away and it has put me at or near the top of .."
Jody D
2 days ago
My resume really stands out
“it was a truly excellent experience. She communicated quickly and had..”
Matthew Alford
2 days ago
greatly increased the number of contacts LinkedIn
“outstanding ability to concentrate your expertise and work experience into a ..”
Frank J. Stinnett
2 days ago
I can say I'm excited and proud of my resume
“knew how to push and probe and shape my resume to one that truly stands..”
Clara Forde
2 days ago
No joke…within 3 hours I got 7 calls
“Your resume worked beautifully and I would recommend this service to..”
Paul Hernandez
2 days ago
wonderful service that got me results
“system that gets you maximum exposure and puts your resume in the hand..”
Caroline Yutzy
2 days ago
saved me hours
“exceeded my expectations and saved me hours of fiddling with what would..”
Leo P
2 days ago
Received many compliments about my resume
“Thank you for doing a wonderful job on my resume. I recently accepted a..”
Lynette Myers
2 days ago
extremely satisfied with my final resume
“I'm very satisfied with the final products & would recommend Elite Resume Today to my friends..”
Travis M
3 days ago
resume has opened doors
“A resume is not a tool that presents one with a job, but it is a tool..”
Nancy Price
3 days ago
took my resume to the next level
“just what I was looking for. It was very easy to work along side my writer..”
Jason Harris
3 days ago
I currently have two new interviews
“I currently have two new interviews scheduled since using my new resume..”
Sandra Bishop
3 days ago
I got a phone call two days after my resume was submitted
“I had an interview the next week and they were impressed with my resume..”
William Barnes
3 days ago
A resume masterpiece
“The resume has been posted and I am already getting Job interest. Thank you..”
Kathleen M
3 days ago
Wow! Is this me?
“very pleased with what you have done (I would want to interview this guy..”
Amber Furr
3 days ago
attention grabbing and successful, thanks
“I never know how to arrange my qualifications and achievements in an eye..”
Racheal J. Hill
3 days ago
I received a job offer on the following Monday!
“completed the process including my LinkedIn profile on a Friday. I received..”
Susan Brown
3 days ago
Five–star service – all around
“Elite Resume Today services far exceeded my expectations. They worked with..”
Thomas S
4 days ago
helped me brand myself in a consistent way
“helped me focus on the key points to market about my professional career.."
Mary J
4 days ago
Received multiple calls within the first week
“I had an awesome experience with Elite Resume Today..extremely professional..”
Lena Walker
4 days ago
I referred EliteResumeToday to my professional network
“I used Elite Resume Today resume service based on a recommendation from a colleague..”
Judy McCarthy
4 days ago
I ended up with a winning resume
“I ended with a winning resume. I got a good number of calls and interview..”
Richard K
4 days ago
invested in my future
“You get what you pay for and investing in my resume was me putting my best foot forward..”
Gregory Robertson
14 hours ago
I got the job I wanted
“I got the job I wanted and negotiated an even better salary than I expected..”
Ben Minich
5 days ago
first-rate and distinctive resume
“I feel confident that my new resume will provide an advantage for interview..”
Joe E. Bollinger
5 days ago
made me stand out
“writer did an awesome job highlighting my specific skills to make me stand out..”
James W
5 days ago
The recruiter complimented my resume
“I was hired less than two weeks after posting my new resume thanks..”
Nicole Dawson
5 days ago
My new cover letter just tipped the pendulum in my favor
“I really needed my resume to stand out because the job I was applying..”
Jennifer N
6 days ago
thank you for my dream job
“Thanks for all you did to create a polished professional resume I could be proud of..”
Kimberly Biddle
6 days ago
Mary R
“2 days of receiving the resume you wrote, I got an interview for my dream job at GE..”
Rick P. Freeman
6 days ago
made me look like a star
“From beginning to finish they made my resume represent who I am and what I can..”
Ginger L. Hardee
6 days ago
"Professional, detail oriented, and delivered precisely what was discussed. Elite Resume Today exceeded all expectation."
Vincent O’Ryan
(Executive-Level Resume Client)
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