Collaborating with Your Writer


Updated Jan 5, 2022

Your success is our success

As a job seeker, the details matter. When you’re applying for a job, the picture your resume paints of you is often all a hiring manager has to form a first impression. And with the advent of applicant tracking technology, if your resume is missing a crucial keyword, you’re at risk of getting passed over completely.

We are invested in your success, and we want to make sure that anyone reviewing your professional materials sees a masterpiece. Your close collaboration with your writer ensures that you receive the best possible product for your job search.

Here, we’ll share some tips on how we can work together to deliver the best service to you.

We like it when you overshare

Sharing your career goal with us is critical to receiving a finished resume that will help you achieve it. We want to know everything, no detail is too small, so we can incorporate that information into the final product.

You can start sharing what’s important to you as soon as you’ve purchased with us — you don’t need to wait until you’ve been matched with a writer.

Keep us focused on the right next step for you

Sometimes, our onboarding process doesn’t capture your single most important career next step with us — the questionnaire can capture a number of different career options. Help us stay focused on your most important career goal.

Don’t forget to brag

The job search isn’t the time to be modest. Feel free to share supporting materials, such as awards, certificates, and references, with us — the earlier in the process, the better! Remember, you can upload any documentation to the Elite Resume Today portal as soon as you start working with us, even before you receive your first draft.

No detail is too small

The more details you can provide about who you are and what you want to achieve, the better. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We want to hear from you, and you can start sharing with us immediately — you don’t have to wait until there’s been a writer match.

Our week of working together

You’ve told us about yourself, you’ve been matched with a writer, and now you have a first draft ready for your review. Once you have your first draft, you and your writer have a week — seven days — to put the finishing touches on your documents. If there’s any point during the week where you feel like your needs aren’t being met, you should contact us and let us know so we can make it right.

In our experience, a week is the perfect length of time to get it right. It allows you and your writer to revise your resume together, but isn’t so long that it prevents you from putting your new resume to work.

At the end of the day, we want you to be able to use your documents to apply for jobs as quickly as possible!

Need more time?

That said, we know that not everyone’s circumstances are identical — what works for most may not work for you.

For example, if your career goal changes or you simply find that you don’t have time to to dedicate to your project over the seven days, you can continue to collaborate on your resume with your writer on more revisions for an additional charge. We want to give everyone amazing service, and keeping the revision window time bound ensures all of our customers get the help they need.

If you need to put the entire process on hold, let us know. It can be challenging for us to stop the writing process, but we will always work with you to find a solution that works for everyone.

Final approval

As soon as you’re happy with your resume, you can approve your documents and receive a download of the final copy. Once you’re ready to start using your resume, we’re here to help you use it, too.

Our article “Taking the Next Step” is a great place to start learning about how to use your expertly written resume for job search success

Our writers would love to hear from you

Once you have your finished resume, we would love to get your feedback on the experience and for you to share us with your friends.

Our writers love to hear what you think — a great review for your writer is the equivalent of giving a great tip to your waiter or waitress at a restaurant. Your comments and reflections on the resume writing process help us improve, too.

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