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Business services are activities in the companies to operate using intangible aid and support. For example, companies can provide banking, insurance, warehousing, and communication services, among others. The service business is an enterprise of a team of experts tasked to deliver aid, support, and work to benefit the customers.

What are some of the open jobs in business services applicants can pursue? Before we dive into the list, let’s take a closer look into the job outlook for business services.

Job Outlook for Business Services

Previously, we discussed why a career in business services is a rewarding path. In it, we stated how business services offer an unmatched amount of work openings, career chances, and opportunities for growth and advancement. Hence, the job outlook for careers in business services points upward. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment in business services is projected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030. It’s a rate about as fast as the average for all occupations, which means there would be an additional 750,800 new jobs.

What do all this mean? Simply put, there are plenty of jobs in the market. More and more companies are willing to expand their horizon to shift from non-business service to business service. These service-based companies do not have products to sell to their target markets; instead, they provide effective and quality services. Finally, business services are expanding at a faster rate than ever before, and as a result, new employment roles are constantly being created.

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Benefits of Working in Business Services

Working in business services remains beneficial. Job applicants can choose from various business services that suit them best. Right off the bat, below are some benefits of working in the business services sector.

  • Ever-growing demand and positive job outlook
  • Promising pay and benefits for a wide variety of fields and industries
  • Job security especially during difficult financial times
  • High growth potential even for entry-level job seekers
  • Flexible work hours to perform the jobs and tasks

These benefits depend largely on the types of services the companies offer. Again, companies can grow and improve their business operations if they offer accessibility, capability, and luxury.

List of Jobs in Business Services to Consider

As job applicants, you can search for various careers in service-based companies. You have to know by now that these companies can offer different types of services, which can aid other businesses and improve work satisfaction. Here are 10 examples of jobs in business services that you can consider pursuing.

1. Software Engineer

Many job applicants are looking for companies that offer opportunities for technical positions. You can be software engineers or specialists who take charge of an assortment of software services. Fortune companies such as Adobe, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft provide software services that enhance system features and upgrade company securities. These companies introduce software services for individuals to update their technological devices, such as computers and mobile phones.

Among the best-paying jobs in business services, software engineer posts average a yearly salary of $117,086 in the US.

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2. Consultant

Most businesses do not know exactly know what they are doing. So, they hire experts in the field to work for them. This is where consultants come in. In this case, you can be a consultant or an expert who can provide these businesses with your consulting services. This consulting service adds to your career profile and portfolio. Fortunately, plenty of businesses these days deal with consulting services for various projects, such as auditing, financial budgeting, interior designing, landscaping services, and more.

With an estimated total pay for an entry-level consultant pegged at $67,368 each year, this ranks among the most profitable jobs in business services.

3. Marketing Manager

The world revolves around the business market. The question now asks if jobs in business services—particularly marketing in today’s digital age—offer a good career path. If you’re a job seeker with creative and marketing skills, you can be a marketing specialist and eventually a marketing manager in various companies to help them widen their reach not only in person but also online.

More companies these days hire marketing experts who can increase user engagements and establish brand recognition. If you’re interested in pursuing marketing jobs in business services, the average annual salary for a marketing manager is $67,374 in the US.

4. Career Coach / Trainer

A career involving training others is a venture worth pursuing. Indeed, businesses benefit from hiring trainers to coach and teach their employees to perform tasks focusing on soft skills and technical skills. Most companies require trainers to conduct presentations, training sessions, and workshops to help employees advance their skills.

If you’re considering how to become a career coach, you could start with certifications, such as Professional Career Coach (PCC). As for the average pay, a career coach earns $46,811 each year on average.

5. Event Coordinator

Most people are quite busy with their jobs. They do not have time to prepare for their daily activities and events. Consequently, these people look for professionals to provide them with the event planning services. As an event coordinator, you’re in charge of organizing fundraising events, office parties, and other corporate functions. In addition, you can be event planners for these types of events to find additional staff members, catering and supplies, and venues.

As for the salary, an event coordinator earns $44,000 every year on average, according to PayScale.

6. Waste Management Technician

If you do not have a professional degree but looking for jobs in business, you can consider working in waste management services. It is possible to be in this line of work if you have a grasp of waste management. Companies hire people to perform the tasks to help businesses and individuals keep their workplaces clean. Aside from that, companies always produce a substantial volume of garbage daily in which they hire people to perform the hard jobs.

If you like to pursue a career as a waste management technician, the yearly pay in the US is worth $51,351, a rate that’s 12% above the national average.

7. Construction Project Manager

Landing construction jobs is easy especially if you have a grasp of construction services. You can surely get jobs here because more companies hire experts on the ground. Jobs in construction services grow and local and international companies hire people who learn the same skill set and trade. Forging a career in construction services is a rewarding endeavor, with the average salary for a construction project manager being estimated at $78,477 each year.

8. Law Clerk

Among the in-demand jobs in business services, legal positions can be a rewarding. You can land jobs that provide legal services, starting as a law clerk or paralegal. Needless to say, you would need a legal degree to pursue this profession. Regarding the average salary for a law clerk, it’s pegged at $70,531 yearly.

9. Health and Wellness Coordinator

Nowadays, more and more people pay a visit to various physical fitness centers to maintain their health and wellness. As a response, companies employ health and wellness experts and assistants who can provide the same services. As a health and wellness coordinator, your main role is to encourage others to take care of their health. You also educate and inspire them on health-related issues of all kinds that do and might impact them, ranging from mental to physical.

The average salary for a wellness coordinator is $64,142 each year, although the range typically falls between $55,318 and $72,855.

10. Insurance Agent

Finally, companies provide insurance services for people’s health. Endorsing health and life insurance for organizations and workers is a good practice to help people and their organizations decrease their financial obligations. Being an insurance agent can be a good career path in business. For sure, it is a good opportunity to land jobs if you have a grasp of the skill set. The average salary for this job is $56,199 every year in the US.

How to Get Jobs in Business Services and the Credentials Needed

An undergraduate degree is required by most businesses to be able to work in business services. Moreover, your credentials can be bolstered with related internships. Most companies host lectures, workshops, or job fairs on campuses when looking for potential interns. If you’re currently a college student deliberating what career path to choose, you can consider this. Additionally, a certification lends credence to your application for a career in business services.

Lastly, you need to build your portfolio, from your resume to your LinkedIn profile. Prepare your resume, which indicates your experiences and qualifications. You have to learn a few tricks to get some highest paying jobs because jobs in business services are plenty. Once you finish creating your portfolio and establish your presence, you’re set to go and apply for jobs in business services.

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Indeed, getting jobs in the business industry is beneficial. First, there are plenty of jobs here and abroad. Second, there are companies and groups of individuals who always rely on people and others for their services. Sure, landing a high-paying job in business services could be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Some people feel overwhelmed with which skills to include on their resume that make them stand out among the competition.

The answer here is a well-written resume. Professional resume writers can help you in matching your skills to the demands of the business services job you are targeting. Avail of our resume writing services today to help with your job search!

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