5 Best IT Resume Writing Services

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In this digital age, technology continues to advance and innovations happen left and right. This results in a growing demand in the information and technology industry. Hence, it gives more IT professionals opportunities to job seekers who want to be in this field. This also means the job market is getting fiercer than before.

If you want to be part of the IT workforce, you need an effective job search tool to rise above other qualified candidates. However, not everyone is equipped to write resumes that can pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) and impress hiring managers. Good thing there are IT resume writing services companies that can help you revamp your job search documents.

Rundown of the 5 Best IT Resume Writing Services

As one of the trusted firms in the career development industry, we understand the value of professional writers in helping applicants land a job. With that in mind, our career experts and researchers teamed up to look for the best IT resume writing services you can hire. Check out our top picks.

  • Resume Professional Writers
  • Infotech Resume
  • Quantum Tech Resumes
  • iCareerSolutions
  • Information Technology Resume Service

When Should You Use an IT Resume Writing Service?

As mentioned earlier, if you want to increase your chances of getting interview invites, you need a resume that can get past the ATS. Also, it needs to pass the razor sharp eyes of recruiters. Thus, your job search documents should have what it takes—ATS-friendly and keyword-optimized. Some job seekers hire resume writers to ensure that.

Still hesitant about whether hiring IT resume writing services is for you? Here’s a checklist to help you decide.

You find it challenging to market your qualifications.

Just like in other professions, having the necessary skills, expertise, and up-to-date knowledge of the industry should be present. Having these traits makes a good IT professional.

If you want to have a competitive edge, you need to make sure to highlight why you’re the best fit for the job. If you find it difficult to showcase your qualifications, it’s best to hire IT resume writing services. They know exactly how to effectively outline your strengths as a candidate.

You’re preoccupied with other tasks.

Resume writing requires time and may get in the way of your daily chores and responsibilities. With IT resume writing services, you can focus on your tasks while you wait for your well-written resume.

You haven’t received any interview invites.

Your resume is like your business card. Its purpose is to market your credentials in the hopes of landing an IT-related job post. However, your resume is nothing, if it doesn’t serve its purpose—getting you interview invites. Thus, if you still haven’t heard from a recruiter, think twice. Maybe your resume isn’t doing its job.

How to Choose the Best IT Resume Writing Service

Now that many companies are transitioning to online recruitment, you need an IT resume that’s suitable for this type of hiring process—a tool that can beat a job screening software. Because of this, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of IT resume writing services you can hire with a click. Here are some factors to consider in choosing a resume writing service provider.

  • Check if the firm has reviews and testimonials on credible review sites such as Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  • Request for a consultation to know more about their offerings, turnaround time, rates, and how their service process works.
  • Browse through their resume examples and take a closer look at how their writers craft job search documents for different industries.
  • Check their service rates to see if it fits your budget.
  • Read through their privacy policy and terms and conditions about refunds, revisions, and guarantees.

The 5 Best IT Resume Writing Services

Check out our top 5 IT resume writing services that you can hire to write you a tailored resume and ace your job search. 

1. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers Hero Section It Resume Writing Services

As one of the pillars of the resume writing industry, Resume Professional Writers (RPW) has gained reputable years of experience. Being in the business for over 20 years makes them an expert in providing quality job search tools. They have also maintained their 96% annual satisfaction rating, giving them more customer referrals and returning clients.

What You’ll Get: RPW is a one-stop shop that caters to your job search needs. Aside from resume, CV, and cover letter writing and LinkedIn makeover, we also have add-on services such as statements of purpose for college, biographies, image building with custom logo design, annotated portfolio, opening statements in job interviews, essays, KSAs, ECQs, and reference pages. Plus, we have free resume writing review and job posting services to get you started.

What They Lack: We don’t work during weekends and holidays. That’s why all projects and concerns are entertained as soon as business hours start. Despite not being able 24/7, we make sure that we attend to our clients’ needs with customer satisfaction in mind.

Turnaround Time: Their turnaround time varies depending on the package you’ll buy. You can get your IT resume within three (3) business days for the Deluxe; two (2) business days for the Premium; and one (1) business day for the Ultimate. If you’re in a hurry, you may avail of our 24-hour rush service with additional costs.

Cost: $125 to $485

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Facebook; 4.3/5 on Trustpilot; 4.13/5 on Sitejabber; 4.4 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

2. Infotech Resume

Infotech Resume Hero Section It Resume Writing Services

A niche-based resume company founded by Margaret Davis in 2013, Infotech Resume aims to provide quality resumes for tech professionals seeking to land a job in the IT industry. The firm caters to job seekers who are vying for positions at private companies and government agencies.

They’re known for their focus on providing job search services to tech-related job seekers. Because of this, they’re considered one of the best as they only employ resume writers who are experts in the IT industry and are armed with resume writing skills.

What You’ll Get: As stated above, Infotech Resume offers IT civilian and federal resume writing services. Aside from that, they have add-on services such as cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, ECQs, KSAs, technical qualifications, electronic resumes, professional biographies, letters of intent, and reference pages.

What They Lack: If you’re in a rush, this firm might not be for you. Because their writers only work on weekdays, the completion of your project may take time.

Turnaround Time: You can expect your resume in 3 business days.

Cost: $125

Contact: (626) 587-8571

Reviews: You can check their Customer Reviews page.

3. Quantum Tech Resumes

Quantumtech Resume Hero Section It Resume Writing Services

JM Auron, one of the global IT resume leaders with an Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) certification, saw the need in the IT resume writing industry. Hence, with his years of experience in resume writing and recruitment, he became committed to helping job seekers succeed in their IT career. He came up with a straightforward and easy process for his clients, thus founding Quantum Tech Resumes.

What You’ll Get: Quantum Tech Resumes specializes in providing IT resumes for entry-level to C-level job seekers. They also offer other job search tools IT professionals need to grow their career, such as LinkedIn profile writing and career coaching.

What Do They Lack: Their delivery time is longer than that of their competitors; so if you’re in a hurry, you might want to consider other IT resume writing services firms.

Turnaround Time: You can expect your IT resume within 4 weeks.

Cost: $997 to $1797

Contact: You can reach them through their Contact page.

Reviews: 5 stars with 3 Google reviews

4. iCareerSolutions

Icareer Solutions Hero Section It Resume Writing Services

Another leading IT resume writing service company is iCareerSolutions. This firm focuses on providing IT and engineering resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Their dedication to helping job seekers elevate their careers is reflected in distinct awards, such as the 2020 Award of Excellence Award for Best IT Resume and 2020 ROAR Award from the National Résumé Writing Association, among others.

What You’ll Get: They offer solutions to your job search needs, such as resume writing for IT professionals, executives, C-level, engineering, and government and federal jobs. Other than that, you can avail of their other services—career counseling, interview coaching, job search coaching, and job placement services, as well as LinkedIn profile writing.

What They Lack: They have rush service, but it will still take 2 days. Plus, they don’t allow refunds.

Turnaround Time: The delivery time varies depending on the package. However, the average turnaround time is 5 to 10 days.

Cost: $695 to $1495

Contact: 1 (914) 297-8807

Reviews: 4.2 stars with 5 Google reviews

5. Information Technology Resume Service

Information Technology Resume Hero Section It Resume Writing Services

Last but not the least on our list of IT resume writing services companies is headed by Jennifer Hay. She is one of the first certified resume writers in information technology (CRS+IT) in the country. With her experience as an IT professional, a career guide, and a well-reputed resume writer, she ensures her clients that they will get the best resume and other job search documents that will help them land their target post.

What You’ll Get: This firm focuses on providing technical resume and LinkedIn profile writing for different industries, such as IT, engineering, architecture, and industrial, from entry-level to C-level.

What They Lack: Their service offerings are limited to resume writing and LinkedIn optimization.

Turnaround Time: This isn’t stated on their website.

Cost: $750

Contact: (425) 442-3706

Reviews: You can visit their Testimonial page.

RPW IT Resume Example

Here’s an IT resume sample written by one of our expert professional writers. Take a closer look at how relevant work experience, skills, and qualifications are highlighted on the resume.

Resume Professional Writers It Manager Resume Example Page One
Resume Professional Writers It Manager Resume Example Page Two

You can also check our curated page dedicated to resume examples for different industries. 

Be Part of a Tech-Giant Company with IT Resume Writing Services

The demand in the IT industry is expected to skyrocket as years go by. This is because of the non-stop growth and advancement of technology. If you want to maintain your role in the field or you’re an aspiring candidate, it’s time to take advantage of the competitive job market.

With the increasing number of job applicants, you need to make an effort to beat other qualified professionals. This is where hiring resume writers come in handy. Their excellence and expertise in the field can lock in your chance of getting the job. You just have to lay down your specifications and let the expert IT resume writers do the job for you.

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