Many people skip this step, but it’s so important and here’s why:

  1. Shows Effort – Anyone can upload a file with their work history, this takes very little effort to submit a ready resume. However, the cover letter should be tailored to the job which you’re applying and shows that you are very interested and willing to put in the effort. Even if the recruiter glazes over the cover letter, which yes some do, it will show you’re committed to earning the position and going above and beyond even when not asked.
  2. Required for some Postings – This one is obvious, but if the job posting says it’s required, then you had better submit one if you want a chance. The cover letter shows effort as we discussed above, and it shows you follow directions. You’d be surprised how many people don’t submit all of the required or requested documents during the application process. Make sure you complete all requirements when applying for a position, however tedious it may seem.
  3. Showcases your Value – Your cover letter is essentially a one page elevator pitch. If the position requires certain experience, and your resume shows the same experience as another candidate, the cover letter is what shows your value. It shows that you write well, you know how to sell yourself, and gives you an opportunity to tout some of your unique skills.

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