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  • What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2022? – Executive Resume Writers: Executive Resume Writing Services

What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2022? – Executive Resume Writers: Executive Resume Writing Services

What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2022? - Executive Resume Writers: Executive Resume Writing Services

Ready to build an impressive resume for the 2022 job market – one that makes employers take notice? There’s a few things you’ll need to know to strike the right tone.

In 2022, your resume needs to catch attention faster than ever before. As employers continue to hunt for the perfect candidate – and job seekers hit the market, determined to make 2002 their year to find the TOP positions, your stellar qualifications could be missed.

So here’s what your resume should look like in 2022 to ensure more than a cursory glance:

A Brochure-Style Opening Page.

CEO Resume Award Nominated Resume by Laura Smith-ProulxWhat look should your resume have in 2022?

Rather than a staid list of bullets or paragraphs, you could take a page from marketing concepts for a fresh design, as illustrated by this example of a multinational executive resume (which was nominated for a global award).

Using headlines, an achievement summary, results-driven metrics, and a graphic depicting this lader’s global influence, this custom design won’t be mistaken for that of any other candidate!

How can you make your resume look like this in 2022? Find resume samples with different designs, taking note of new ideas for borders, color treatments, and other elements that can set off your experience.

If you’re unsure how to change colors, add banners, or incorporate other elements, this guide on Microsoft Word may help.

It’s important to note that if you change how your resume looks for a 2022 job search, it can still be parsed by ATS systems, with a few exceptions. Most text boxes or charts will not be “read” by ATS, but the majority of your document will come through. Test your resume for readability by converting it to a text file, then reviewing it to ensure you see all the content.


Powerful Headlines That Shout Your Value Proposition.

Your resume must tell a story of your ROI – and get to the point quickly! Remember that most hiring authorities only skim your resume for relevant details.

What your resume needs in 2022 are summary statements or marketing headlines that appear prominently in your document. Here’s how to create them:

First, write key accomplishments as short statements of value, then move them to the front of your resume. Here’s an example from a hospital executive resume covering decades of experience raising quality and patient safety metrics, containing these achievements:

  • Curbed patient safety incidents 54%, exceeding goals with 32% reduction in patient falls
  • Facilitated 21% increase in surgical volume by recruiting 11 physician leaders
  • Drove favorable outcomes from new Cardiology program, including 21% drop in readmissions and 750 new patients.

Next, condense these successes for quick reading in your resume, such as:

Physician Recruiting, New Service Lines, & Quality Metrics Contributing to 5-Star CMS Rating

Your 2022 resume will look like a well-planned, strategically crafted document with headlines like these shown at key intervals.


A Bold Step Into Color in Your 2022 Resume.

Award-winning engineering executive resume by Laura Smith-ProulxNow that many resumes have started to embrace color, it seems the sky’s the limit.

But how can you get started adding color to YOUR resume?

Consider incorporating blue, which conveys leadership and knowledge, as a natural first step into color on your 2022 resume.

As shown in this award-winning resume entry, a few shades of blue are used as an accent to make major employer names, job titles, and keywords stand out.

The trick when adding color? Apply it sparingly, and zoom out to see the overall picture after designing your format.

Your 2022 resume will look like a classic, yet bold, story of your skills and leadership acumen, with color used as the backdrop for specific achievements worth emphasizing. The idea is to make your career achievements pop!

To go even further with color on your resume, try the Color Wheel tool to plan different combinations.


A Personal Quote for Emphasis.

Chief Revenue & Sales Officer Resume Sample by Laura Smith-ProulxYou may have a personal leadership philosophy or mission statement that you’ve used to inspire teams or motivate employees.

Why not consider adding it to your resume?

In 2022, your resume should look like a powerful example of your leadership style and presence, with unique statements that convey your effectiveness.

In this sample of a Chief Revenue & Sales Officer resume, you can see how a powerful, single quote (“I take it personally when we lose to the competition”) sums up this candidate’s commitment to excellence.

How should you create a quote for your resume in 2022?

Look back through your own performance review comments or even emails to colleagues. You might find noteworthy statements that you could leverage for a memorable quote.


So what should your resume look like in 2022?

A carefully crafted set of achievements framed by colorful elements and design decisions that let your successes shine – with deliberate placement to catch the eye and retain interest.

As seen in:

Among the World’s Top Resume & LinkedIn Experts:

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