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What are the Best Resume Writing Services? – Affordable Professional Resume Writing Services

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There are hundreds of resume writing services on the internet, so how do you choose the best resume writing service?

Keep these 3 C’s in mind:

Certified – First and foremost, you want to make sure the resume writer you hire is certified. The CPRW credential is the global Industry Standard for professional resume writers. To earn this credential, a writer must prove their skills by passing the PARW/CC resume writing exam and abiding by the Code of Ethics established by PARW/CC. This distinguishes writers who are highly experienced and committed to professionalism.

Customer Service – You also want to make sure you select a resume writing service that has a proven track record of quality customer care. One thing that separates great quality customer service from the rest is a guarantee. It’s also super helpful if you have access to speak directly to the business owner in case you need additional assistance. Larger companies obviously don’t offer this perk, but local businesses like Platinum Resumes does provide direct access to the owner who is passionate, professional, and experienced. Another great way to determine customer service is by checking out customer reviews. What have previous customers said about their experience? Your Satisfaction with Platinum Resumes is 100% Guaranteed. We are proud to have an extremely satisfied client base that has seen firsthand the results we produce.

Cost – It’s true, you get what you pay for with most things, and resume writing services are not different. Quality writers with adequate experience and education are of course going to charge a fair amount for their time. However, the key here is to charge a fair and competitive amount. Generally, equitable companies do not charge obscene rates for their services. Price gouging could be a bad sign. Make sure you’re paying a fair and competitive amount for the services you’re receiving.

If you’d like to invest in guaranteed, proven, and cost effective resume writing service, contact us today at 816-986-0909!

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