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There are many legitimate businesses that offer resume writing services. However, just because it’s a legitimate business does not necessarily mean they are going to meet your expectations. Some businesses get so big so fast that they fail to keep up with their individual client needs.

It’s very important to read reviews before you invest in a resume writing service (or any service for that matter). When looking at reviews, if you see 10% or more 1 or 2 star ratings out of five, you may want to dig deeper. You may also want to check reports from the Better Business Bureau.

When looking for a resume writing service, you obviously want to select a service that meets your unique needs. In many cases a local resume writer might be the best fit for you. A local resume writer will be familiar with local trends, standards, and business needs. A local resume writing service, such as Platinum Resumes has years of experience in their respective markets, and they are very familiar with most businesses in the area.

Another important factor is ensuring the writer is certified  with a CPRW. This is the industry standard for resume writers and ensures . You would likely not trust your taxes with someone who is not a CPA; so you probably should not trust your resume with someone who is not a CPRW.

A smaller company will often provide better individualized customer service. At Platinum Resumes, clients are able to speak directly with the business owner and request specific edits as needed. The certified resume writers tailor each resume for each clients’ individual education, history, and career goals.



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