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Q&A: What is an Executive Job Search Trend for 2022?

Ask Adrienne-Executive Job Search Trend

In 2022, executive job seekers will be facing a hot hiring market at the start of the year. Hiring is likely to cool off as time goes on.

To compete for top roles throughout the year, regardless of hiring activity, many are wondering: “what is an executive job search trend for 2022 that I should include in my strategy?”. 


My answer is to emphasize soft skills in the search process.

More specifically, I urge the inclusion of soft skill evidence in all job search communications. Address soft skill strengths in the resume, the LinkedIn profile, and during interviews.

Over the years, many people have mistakenly believed that soft skills are only necessary for customer-facing roles. However, soft skills are increasing in importance to employers and recruiters at all career levels and positions. After all, almost every role from entry-level to C-suite involves contact with people and a need for social ability.


Soft Skills Evolution

As we head into another year, the perception of soft skills continues to shift and gain attention. The article “A Hard Look at the Term Soft Skills” notes that “Many HR experts suggest soft skills are gaining the upper hand over hard skills…[but] the term itself has met significant criticism.”

Society often considers soft skills to be just that: soft, fluffy, or non-substantial. Perhaps the term itself should change. The truth is that soft skills (no matter what they are called) are equally part of a person’s brand and significantly benefit a business.

An excellent article by Oxbridge Academy breaks down the top 5 reasons that soft skills are more critical than ever, with the belief that soft skills are needed to back up hard skill knowledge.

Finally, for executives looking for ideas on what soft skills to emphasize – LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report shares some of the most important skills this past year, including several soft skills like resiliency,  adaptability, communication, emotional intelligence, cross-functional collaboration, and creativity.

To position yourself as a top well-rounded leadership candidate, remember my top executive job search trend for 2022.  Showcase both hard skills and soft skills during your job search strategy. Carefully consider the requirements of the target role. Identify related content, stories, examples, or achievements that demonstrate soft skill strengths. You can’t just claim to be ‘creative’ or ‘adaptable’ in your search communications = you have to prove it.


If you are looking to create a stand-out resume or LinkedIn profile that positions you as a candidate of choice in 2022, I offer award-winning resume and LinkedIn services that can help. 

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How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Having a gap in employment on your resume used to be a red flag to hiring managers. But in today’s job market, where we’re no strangers to freelance work, layoffs,…
The post How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume appeared first on Brooklyn Resume Studio.

Having a gap in employment on your resume used to be a red flag to hiring managers. But in today’s job market, where we’re no strangers to freelance work, layoffs,…

The post How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume appeared first on Brooklyn Resume Studio.

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9 Mistakes To Avoid While Job-Hunting

Getting hired

The process of finding the right job isn’t always easy. Some people keep hunting for their dream jobs for years without any success. With each failed attempt, their self-esteem suffers, and they start to doubt their capabilities. There are many hurdles that one may face on their job hunting journey that can only be overcome with the help of experience and wisdom. Professional resume writers can help many of these struggling candidates with the hindsight and knowledge earned over decades spent in the human resources sector.

Here are a few mistakes job seekers should avoid when seeking employment in this era of technology and innovation.

1. Lack of Direction

Many job seekers who are starting their careers get distracted by every opportunity that comes their way. These candidates apply for numerous roles in multiple industries and end up confusing themselves as well as their prospective employers. Set a goal at the beginning of your job hunt and work towards achieving it with focus and dedication. Aim for a specific job title in a particular industry and keep making efforts until you see the desired results. Most importantly, hire resume writers that can help modify your profile to attract the right companies. 

2. Errors and Typos

Do you forget to proofread your emails and messages before sending them to hiring executives and managers? Believe it or not, this seemingly minor mistake could be turning prospective employers away. Hiring managers don’t have the time to read your entire profiles or write-ups and often look solely for mistakes in the text. Once they find them, they move on to the next candidate. Use resume writing services online and get your official documents edited and inspected for any errors that might be ruining your chances of getting an interview call.

A Man And Woman In An Interview
9 Mistakes to Avoid While Job-Hunting 4

3. An Unupdated LinkedIn Profile

Interested employers will look at your LinkedIn profile right after receiving your CV. By keeping a well-maintained profile, you will not only impress these employers but also invite many other opportunities your way. Avail the services of professional LinkedIn Profile writing and use your online presence to expand your scope of employment.

4. Not Realizing Your Value

Some industries determine the value of an employee based entirely on their skill set, while others prioritize experience over every other quality. When a candidate understands their market value based on their skills and qualification, interviewers can have an easy time negotiating. Lack of research often leads to misconceptions regarding one’s worth in the job market. Before showing up for your next interview, make sure you have a clear idea of how much your talent is worth to make the hiring process easier for all involved parties.

5. Lack of Preparation

People who have been working in the same industry for years often don’t realize the importance of preparing for an interview. Every employer is different, so make sure you research the company well before a meeting or interview so your responses are relevant to their queries.

Interview Questions
9 Mistakes to Avoid While Job-Hunting 5

6. Networking Mistakes

Networking isn’t about just adding a bunch of contacts to your phone. You might have many influential people on your contacts list, but unless you reach out to them effectively, they are of no use. Make a habit of talking less and listening more when connecting with resourceful people. The returns of good networking practices can only be realized in the long run, and you must stay patient throughout the process.

7. Pestering an Employer

Once you have submitted your CV to an employer, you have to give them sufficient time to review it and decide. Inquiring about the progress of your application multiple times will do you more harm than good. Badgering an employer will never improve your chances of getting a job. Knowing when to move on is important for your morale and self-confidence. It can save you valuable time that can be spent searching for the next opportunities.

A Girl Holding A Pen
9 Mistakes to Avoid While Job-Hunting 6

8. Inappropriate Email Address

If you have multiple email addresses, make sure to specify the most appropriate one on your CV. If an employer notices an unprofessional email address on a resume, they might not bother reading the entire profile and move on to the next CV right away.

9. Losing Hope

After getting rejected by a couple of companies, you may feel discouraged. However, don’t be disheartened. You might not realize how close you are to the perfect opportunity. Pat yourself on the back after each successful or unsuccessful interview, and hold your head up high until you see the horizon. Your enthusiasm can be the biggest tool for you to land your dream job, so use this tool effectively.  

Resume Professional Writers has helped many employment candidates secure the job of their dreams with their professional resume designer services. The professional CV writing services provided by the company make the journey of job hunting quick and efficient.

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Key Components Of An Effective Resume

Writing a resume

An impressive resume has a much bigger impact on employment prospects than most candidates realize. A hiring manager only reads your resume for a minute or two before deciding whether you are worth interviewing. A good resume has to convey your most prominent qualities and present your flaws in a way that does not hinder your chances of going further. Every employer has a checklist in mind when skimming through any resume, and the profiles that tick the majority of boxes on this checklist end up successful. Here are a few features recommended by resume makers to make any profile attractive to an employer.

1. Easy to Read

No matter what format you choose and what font you go with, your resume has to be easy to read to make an impact. Most HR executives have to go through hundreds or even thousands of resumes during the hiring process. Unless your resume has a visual appeal, it is highly unlikely to be noticed by anyone. Ensure the headings, the spacing, and the fonts all look coherent, and there is no disruption within the format. You can take the help of a resume writing company to make sure your resume is free of any such flaws.

2. Free of Jargons

The only jargons a resume should have are the ones used within the hiring company or the industry. Using abbreviations or shorthands for important terminologies might confuse the reader. You won’t get a chance to clear any of these confusions unless you get called for an interview. And the chances of getting interviewed are substantially reduced when an employer isn’t convinced of your talents by reading your CV or resume.

Hr Analysis

3. Supplemented with a Cover Letter

Some employers specifically ask for a cover letter, whereas others leave it to the applicants. Whichever might be the case, you should always submit a cover letter along with a resume. A cover letter can be helpful when a hiring manager wishes to inquire further about your qualifications without arranging for an interview. It showcases a candidate’s willingness to go above and beyond for getting hired. It indicates dedication on the part of the candidate that is bound to improve your prospects. Professional resume writing services encourage job applicants to always supplement their resumes with a cover letter when applying for a corporate position.

4. Professional Finish

There is no room for informal or casual language when writing a resume for an important job. From the vocabulary to the grammar, everything has to showcase the professionalism of the applicant. The email address you add to your resume must be professional (not something you came up with as a teenager), and the phone number must have a formal voicemail message to greet the callers. These details might seem irrelevant to an applicant but leave a lasting impression.

Effective Resumes

5. Be Objective

When mentioning your soft skills and personal abilities, use objective terms to describe your qualities. Avoid adding fluff to the resume that might not have any quantifiable value. Mention instances of when you impressed your previous employers. Give real-life examples of when you solved problems that were presented to you at your past job. A resume services company can help turn subjective characteristics into objective qualities and make your resume seem exceptional.

6. Incorporate Keywords

Look for the soft or hard skills an employer has mentioned on the job ad. Incorporate these terms into your resume, so your profile is easily matched with the related job description. A resume review service can help you come up with smart terms that will naturally point towards your qualities that fit a particular role.

7. Explain Gaps Shortly

If you have a short gap in your resume, it is advisable to avoid its mention in the CV. However, if the gap is significant, you may give a short explanation without extending your resume further than two pages. Professional resume builder services can present any gap in your career in a way that will address all concerns of your prospective employer.

New Employee Getting Interviewed
Key Components of an Effective Resume 4

8. Relevant Experience

You might have interned and worked at numerous organizations before, but there is no point in mentioning any such experience that doesn’t show a connection with your current application. It makes your resume unnecessarily long, and the reader might lose interest before getting to the relevant points in your profile. Mention the experience that might make you an attractive candidate for the job and omit any irrelevant internships or volunteering experience.  

9. Set Realistic Expectations

There is a difference between confidence and exaggeration. Do not make claims in your resume that cannot be supported by proof or references. An experienced hiring manager can spot false claims very easily and might not believe any of your other qualifications because of it. Companies that offer resume writing help can formulate a profile for you that captures all your exceptional abilities in a realistic manner.

10. Omit Salaries

It gives your CV an unprofessional finish when you mention your previous salaries or your future demand in a CV. Experienced HR executives and managers are already aware of industry norms. They have a clear idea of how to decide on a salary, so you don’t need to mention it yourself.

11. Avoid Mentioning Negatives

Any failed business or employment attempt might not be suitable for mentioning on your resume. Additionally, if you worked for an employer for a period of fewer than six months, abstain from adding this experience to your resume. Switching from one employer to another too quickly leaves a bad impression on your resume. Try to stay neutral when discussing your reason for leaving a job or career, and do not talk negatively about your previous employer either.

Resume Professional Writers is a resume and cover letter service provider that offers you a chance to impress any hiring parties with your qualifications. Our online resume services can be availed by any employment applicants across the country who wish to land a job in their desired industry.

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Considerations For Choosing The Right Resume Writing Service

A resume next to a coffee cup

When thousands of people are applying for the same job, it can be hard to get noticed by a prospective employer. Hiring executives search for unique capabilities within each candidate’s profile, and there might not be a second chance for you once your CV is overlooked.

Taking the help of professional resume writers might be a viable option for those unfamiliar with the job sector they are applying within. Here are a few helpful tips on hiring professional resume writers.

1. Look for Certified Professionals

Anyone can claim to be a resume writer without having certification to support their word. Certified professional resume writers understand the industry they operate in. They know what each employer expects from a job applicant. They are aware of changing industry trends and alter their approach accordingly. A certified professional will not only design an exceptional CV for you but also help you familiarize yourself with industry norms and trends you might be unaware of.   

2. Opt for a Targeted Resume

A resume could have all the qualities one can imagine, but it won’t stand out if it is not tailored to individual characteristics. A resume that expresses your personality, values, skills, and qualifications in the best way can only be made by an experienced resume writer. Find a resume writing service that knows how to match your unique profile with that of a particular job description. Don’t settle for companies that only know how to make generic CVs.

Components Of A Resume

3. Ask for Samples

Most reputable resume services already have samples available on their websites to give you an idea of their work. You can ask for more samples that are specific to your career field and make a well-informed decision. Examine these resumes carefully and analyze the quality and relevancy of the content. Make sure the company you hire for resume writing help uses state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date software. A technologically up-to-date resume can significantly impact your job prospects, especially if you’re applying for a tech job.   

4. Decide on a Budget

Affordability is an important factor when choosing the services of a CV writing firm. Draw up a budget ahead of the process and find a service that falls within that price range. Additionally, do not go for a company that sets the price ‘per page.’ A resume is best kept short and precise, so there is no point in paying higher for adding more pages.

5. Ask for Personal Interaction

The professionals creating your CV must communicate with you in person and customize your profile accordingly. Resume services that make you fill out a lengthy form often design similar resumes for all their clients. Ask to meet your resume writer personally, and discuss your qualifications, skills, and goals to help them write an impactful resume.

6. Ask Questions

Before hiring a professional resume writer, ask them questions about your industry and determine if they are knowledgeable enough for the task you are assigning them. Instead of talking to their sales team, ask to get in touch with a writer directly. Assess the skills of this writer based on your interaction, and don’t get your resume done by an anonymous writer. 

Interviewing A Client

7. Use your Contacts

People working in the human resources department often know about companies that are experts at writing professional resumes. Ask your friends or acquaintances for recommendations for resume writing services before making any decision. Only choose a company that has a high success ratio of getting their clients placed in desired organizations. Use online review forums to inquire about a particular service and steer clear of those with too many negative reviews.

8. Look for Testimonies

Every successful resume critique service has numerous testimonies from satisfied clientele available on their website. These testimonies can assure you of the capabilities of a professional resume writer and address any concerns you might have. You will also notice certain qualities that are the most preferred by their clients and the features that make their service unique.

9. Don’t Stick to Locals

There is no guarantee that a local will do a better job than a resume writer providing services across the state. Explore all your options online, and if a reputable firm operates from a different city or state, don’t hesitate to avail their services. You can maintain contact with the writer by any virtual means and get the same results as you would from a local company.

10. Talk to Multiple Writers

Before making the final decision, talk to at least three writers from the related company. You may think you have struck gold when interviewing the first writer, but there might be better in store for you. Most companies employ a mix of resume writers who are all unique in their capabilities. Only by comparison can you realize which writer measures up to your expectations. Avoid hiring resume writing services that do not let you compare writers, so you don’t have to make any decision half-heartedly.

Terms And Conditions

11. Read the Terms Carefully

Before signing up for a service, make sure you read their contract carefully. Know exactly what you are paying for so there are no unexpected outcomes at the end of the process. When you are paying for executive resume writing services, make sure the services they provide are worth the price they charge.

12. The Process

Determine how long they take to complete a resume and the steps involved in the process. You certainly don’t want to add another arduous chore to the job hunting procedure that is already hectic. Make sure they deliver on the timeline you decide and don’t prolong the process.

Resume Professional Writers ranks among the top resume writing services in multiple states of the U.S. due to their exceptional track record. Their competent resume writers have successfully gotten numerous candidates hired within some of the most prestigious organizations in the country.

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CV Writing: Dos And Don’ts

Interview for hiring

Getting a new job might be a challenge at any stage of your career, regardless of the skills or experience you might have. Today’s employers have higher standards, and competition is fiercer than ever before. And the more competitive your industry, the better your CV has to be to make your profile stand out. A well-written CV can increase your chances of landing a job significantly. Here are a few dos and don’ts suggested by experienced CV writers that every employment candidate must know of.


1. Keep it Precise

A prospective employer is only likely to skim through your CV at the initial stage. Therefore, its best to keep it concise. Two pages are more than enough for any professional CV. How well you make use of those two pages is what makes you stand out amongst your competitors.

2. Make it Job-Centered

Researching about the company you are applying for is essential to making a good CV. Mentioning all your skills and experience for every job you apply for may cause serious harm to your employment prospects. Try to formulate a CV that highlights your qualities relevant to the position you are applying for. Let the employer see how you will make an excellent addition to the company and its organizational culture. Employers are likely to reject a CV laden with generic skills. A CV designed specifically for a particular position showcases your passion for your career field. If you have a hard time making customized CVs for multiple employers, hire resume writing services and improve your chances of getting hired.

Formal Handshake

3. Pick the Right Type

Depending on your experience, you need to choose the type of CV that is suitable for your profile. For people with no gaps in the employment history, making a CV in chronological order might work just fine. If an employer is looking for a vastly experienced candidate, they are likely to choose a CV that showcases the time spent working in a particular field.
However, a candidate who intends to switch career fields should go with a functional CV instead. This type of CV focuses on your skills instead of the experience you may or may not have in an industry. A functional CV can attract employers looking for a particular set of skills in a candidate. People who’re just starting out in their careers should always go with a CV that combines the characteristics of functional and chronological CVs.

4. Format the CV Correctly

The format for a CV or resume is not set in stone, and you may adjust it according to industry-specific norms. From personal information to experience to hobbies, everything must be formatted in a way that emphasizes your unique capabilities. Mentioning hobbies that relate to your hard or soft skills can add that unique element to your CV. Professional resume designers recommend different formats for multiple industries and may prove helpful for those struggling to find employment in their desired field.

5. Font and Size Matters

Choosing a formal yet appealing font and size is important. Make sure that the font size is no bigger than 11 and the overall scheme is consistent. You can take the help of resume editing services to give your CV a professional finish.

Rectifying A Cv

6. Tidy It Up!

There is no room for errors when you are applying for your dream job. When sending a digital CV, make sure the file format is compatible with most word processing programs. When sending a CV via mail, make sure it is in perfectly presentable condition. It should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. An untidy CV is likely to be rejected right away.


1. Abstain From False Claims

Certified professional resume writers recommend against lying on your CV as it may lead to some undesirable consequences. A background check can easily reveal the truth behind your false claims and might eliminate your chances of ever getting hired by that particular company. You have a better chance of getting the desired job by being completely truthful than you could ever have with making false claims.

2. Avoid Adding Unnecessary Information

Do not include your age, marital status, or any other personal information in the CV that isn’t relevant. An employer may reject your CV if it contains lots of personal information that has no bearing on how you fit the role. . Professional CV writing services advise employment candidates only to include the information requested by a job application and nothing more.

Interviewing A Job Candidate

3. Avoid Typing a CV

A handwritten or typed CV might make your profile stand out, but not in a positive way. Despite your impressive skillset, a typed CV makes you look irrelevant to the current times. Avail professional CV writing services if you don’t have the provisions for making a digitally printed CV.

4. Don’t Explain the Gaps

If a hiring manager finds your skillset suitable for the job, they will call you for an interview despite any gaps in your employment history. Explaining any such gaps in your CV might take up excessive space and make the reader lose interest.

If you have been getting minimal to no response for your job applications, Resume Professional Writers can offer some help. Our company provides professional resume preparation services that are sure to entice any employer’s attention. Our resume critique service has helped many employment candidates improve their prospects and get interview calls right away.

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What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2022? – Executive Resume Writers: Executive Resume Writing Services

What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2022? - Executive Resume Writers: Executive Resume Writing Services

Ready to build an impressive resume for the 2022 job market – one that makes employers take notice? There’s a few things you’ll need to know to strike the right tone.

In 2022, your resume needs to catch attention faster than ever before. As employers continue to hunt for the perfect candidate – and job seekers hit the market, determined to make 2002 their year to find the TOP positions, your stellar qualifications could be missed.

So here’s what your resume should look like in 2022 to ensure more than a cursory glance:

A Brochure-Style Opening Page.

CEO Resume Award Nominated Resume by Laura Smith-ProulxWhat look should your resume have in 2022?

Rather than a staid list of bullets or paragraphs, you could take a page from marketing concepts for a fresh design, as illustrated by this example of a multinational executive resume (which was nominated for a global award).

Using headlines, an achievement summary, results-driven metrics, and a graphic depicting this lader’s global influence, this custom design won’t be mistaken for that of any other candidate!

How can you make your resume look like this in 2022? Find resume samples with different designs, taking note of new ideas for borders, color treatments, and other elements that can set off your experience.

If you’re unsure how to change colors, add banners, or incorporate other elements, this guide on Microsoft Word may help.

It’s important to note that if you change how your resume looks for a 2022 job search, it can still be parsed by ATS systems, with a few exceptions. Most text boxes or charts will not be “read” by ATS, but the majority of your document will come through. Test your resume for readability by converting it to a text file, then reviewing it to ensure you see all the content.


Powerful Headlines That Shout Your Value Proposition.

Your resume must tell a story of your ROI – and get to the point quickly! Remember that most hiring authorities only skim your resume for relevant details.

What your resume needs in 2022 are summary statements or marketing headlines that appear prominently in your document. Here’s how to create them:

First, write key accomplishments as short statements of value, then move them to the front of your resume. Here’s an example from a hospital executive resume covering decades of experience raising quality and patient safety metrics, containing these achievements:

  • Curbed patient safety incidents 54%, exceeding goals with 32% reduction in patient falls
  • Facilitated 21% increase in surgical volume by recruiting 11 physician leaders
  • Drove favorable outcomes from new Cardiology program, including 21% drop in readmissions and 750 new patients.

Next, condense these successes for quick reading in your resume, such as:

Physician Recruiting, New Service Lines, & Quality Metrics Contributing to 5-Star CMS Rating

Your 2022 resume will look like a well-planned, strategically crafted document with headlines like these shown at key intervals.


A Bold Step Into Color in Your 2022 Resume.

Award-winning engineering executive resume by Laura Smith-ProulxNow that many resumes have started to embrace color, it seems the sky’s the limit.

But how can you get started adding color to YOUR resume?

Consider incorporating blue, which conveys leadership and knowledge, as a natural first step into color on your 2022 resume.

As shown in this award-winning resume entry, a few shades of blue are used as an accent to make major employer names, job titles, and keywords stand out.

The trick when adding color? Apply it sparingly, and zoom out to see the overall picture after designing your format.

Your 2022 resume will look like a classic, yet bold, story of your skills and leadership acumen, with color used as the backdrop for specific achievements worth emphasizing. The idea is to make your career achievements pop!

To go even further with color on your resume, try the Color Wheel tool to plan different combinations.


A Personal Quote for Emphasis.

Chief Revenue & Sales Officer Resume Sample by Laura Smith-ProulxYou may have a personal leadership philosophy or mission statement that you’ve used to inspire teams or motivate employees.

Why not consider adding it to your resume?

In 2022, your resume should look like a powerful example of your leadership style and presence, with unique statements that convey your effectiveness.

In this sample of a Chief Revenue & Sales Officer resume, you can see how a powerful, single quote (“I take it personally when we lose to the competition”) sums up this candidate’s commitment to excellence.

How should you create a quote for your resume in 2022?

Look back through your own performance review comments or even emails to colleagues. You might find noteworthy statements that you could leverage for a memorable quote.


So what should your resume look like in 2022?

A carefully crafted set of achievements framed by colorful elements and design decisions that let your successes shine – with deliberate placement to catch the eye and retain interest.

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3 Powerful Ways to Start Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter can really increase your chances of scoring an interview by going beyond the resume to tell your story on a deeper level. As a resume is designed…
The post 3 Powerful Ways to Start Your Cover Letter appeared first on Brooklyn Resume Studio.

Your cover letter can really increase your chances of scoring an interview by going beyond the resume to tell your story on a deeper level. As a resume is designed…

The post 3 Powerful Ways to Start Your Cover Letter appeared first on Brooklyn Resume Studio.

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Preparing for Executive Hiring Trends in 2022

Executive Hiring Trends Career Impressions 2022 (003)

Preparing for hiring trends in 2022. Are you ready for a leadership change?

Many call 2021 ‘The Great Resignation,’ as record numbers of people left their jobs or retired early. Others refer to 2021 as ‘The Great Resuffle’, because many people sought out and secured roles better aligned with their goals and needs.

This past year businesses shifted online, tech skills became more in demand, and the workplace became increasingly remote, so many people took the chance to switch things up.

As a result of these changes, the hiring market is hot right now, but how long will it last, and what will the job market look like as we head into 2022?

Companies will fill the majority of positions at some point, and the balance of power will shift. As an executive job seeker, how can you be proactive and prepare for the ever-changing job market?


Predicting Hiring Trends in 2022 – Executive Job Seekers Need to be Proactive

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict precisely how long the job market will continue to flourish.

An article by Fortune suggests that “2022 will be defined by the new normal and skyrocketing employee power within a historically tight labor market”.

A post by the Globe and Mail goes on to state that “workers need to arm themselves with technical skills if they want economic stability and prosperity, and in particular, if they want to obtain what are called “opportunity jobs.”  Opportunity jobs are defined as “a chance to make a steady and high- income livelihood and insulate themselves against future shocks in the labour market.”

Executives are not exempt from either of the above. Top execs can take advantage of a tight labor market to find a role better aligned with values, and even top leaders should consider technical ability/understanding to best support organizational advancement and growth and to remain relevant.

If you are currently seeking a new position or considering a change, here are two strategies to help you capitalize on the hot hiring market:


  1. Jump in!

If you have been thinking you need a career change, now could be the time to leap! Dip your toes in the water and see what’s out there – it is a time of transition as more companies move to a hybrid workplace and seek to fill open positions.

To figure out what it is you want, start by answering the following questions:

  • What aspects of your job do you love?
  • What are your must-haves and deal breakers?
  • Are there companies you would love to join? How can you get on their radar?
  • What are the most important things to you? (Personal and career goals?)
  • Are you open to switching industries or learning new skills?
  • As remote and hybrid situations become more common, what does this mean for you? If companies are hiring for remote positions in your industry, does that expand your job market?

No job or career is perfect, but finding a role and a company that closely aligns with your purpose and values will bring you the most significant amount of satisfaction.  If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity, maybe this hot job market is it – capitalize on it now, as we’re not sure how hiring trends in 2022 will shift.


  1. Stand out!

In a hot hiring market, there is still generally quite a bit of competition. How can you stand out among the rest? You need a strategy to compete with the masses and rise above your fiercest competitors.

To stand out in a competitive job market:

Develop a career story and personal brand. How do you want people to see you? What is the overarching theme of your career? How do your skillsets, education and experience combine to make you so great at what you do? Think of your brand story as a value proposition, making it obvious you are the clear choice over the competition.

Grow Your Network. We all know personal connections go a long way, and a recommendation from an associate could be just the push you need to stand out from the crowd. Aim to network continuously, meet new people, and touch base regularly to stay top of mind if an opportunity arises.

Upgrade in-demand skills. It has never been easier to learn a new skill – this is an excellent opportunity to perk up in-demand skills. Companies are reporting a shortage of talent, so how can you position yourself to fill the gap? Peruse job descriptions for positions and look for areas and skillsets that you could strengthen.


A survey of 45,000 companies in 43 countries found that organizations worldwide are reporting the strongest hiring outlooks since before the pandemic. We hope these hiring trends continue into 2022 as we slowly recover from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Now may be the perfect time to branch out and find your next leadership opportunity!


If you are ready to take the leap and seek your next executive opportunity, I’m here to help with resources, templates, and tips to ensure success.

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What are the Best Resume Writing Services? – Affordable Professional Resume Writing Services

Man smiling on phone at laptop with coffee cup, Platinum Resumes, Kansas City, MO

There are hundreds of resume writing services on the internet, so how do you choose the best resume writing service?

Keep these 3 C’s in mind:

Certified – First and foremost, you want to make sure the resume writer you hire is certified. The CPRW credential is the global Industry Standard for professional resume writers. To earn this credential, a writer must prove their skills by passing the PARW/CC resume writing exam and abiding by the Code of Ethics established by PARW/CC. This distinguishes writers who are highly experienced and committed to professionalism.

Customer Service – You also want to make sure you select a resume writing service that has a proven track record of quality customer care. One thing that separates great quality customer service from the rest is a guarantee. It’s also super helpful if you have access to speak directly to the business owner in case you need additional assistance. Larger companies obviously don’t offer this perk, but local businesses like Platinum Resumes does provide direct access to the owner who is passionate, professional, and experienced. Another great way to determine customer service is by checking out customer reviews. What have previous customers said about their experience? Your Satisfaction with Platinum Resumes is 100% Guaranteed. We are proud to have an extremely satisfied client base that has seen firsthand the results we produce.

Cost – It’s true, you get what you pay for with most things, and resume writing services are not different. Quality writers with adequate experience and education are of course going to charge a fair amount for their time. However, the key here is to charge a fair and competitive amount. Generally, equitable companies do not charge obscene rates for their services. Price gouging could be a bad sign. Make sure you’re paying a fair and competitive amount for the services you’re receiving.

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