Executives: You are an Investment, Not an Expense


Executives, stop thinking of yourself as just a job seeker who is seeking a salary and start positioning yourself as a worthwhile investment.

An investment with high returns.

Write your resume to be a marketing motivator.

Instead of just listing job duties in your resume, sell value. Your value.

Demonstrate the returns.




Emphasize how you will help a business do things faster, better, or smarter:

  • Reduced financial statement preparation from 20 days to 7 days.
  • Lowered customer complaints 40% by launching formal feedback system.
  • Instilled a culture of accountability, improving product delivery time 18%.



Share how you can make money, save money, or increase efficiencies:

  • Grew revenue 14% and improved gross margin 21% in 1 year by standardizing operating procedures.
  • Produced $5M in cost-savings by renegotiating all supply and service contracts.



Tell readers how you’ve succeeded in the past by listing examples of success:

  • Built successful technical sales organizations from the ground up within three global organizations.
  • Generated over $6M in total cost-savings during tenure. Cha-Ching! 


Ensure that your resume doesn’t position you as just an ordinary-job-doer. Create your resume to showcase you as a high-return-on-investment-professional. Clearly show employers how investing in you is worth their while!



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