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  • Where can I get a Resume Done? – Affordable Professional Resume Writing Services

Where can I get a Resume Done? – Affordable Professional Resume Writing Services

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For many, the process of getting a resume completed can be daunting. Unless you’re a writer by trade, you’re probably not too confident writing one yourself, and even then, you may be working with out-dated resume guidelines. So, where can you turn when you need to get a resume done?

Local Career Centers can often provide help with your resume.  Typically Career Centers are located on college campuses and assist students or other career seekers in identifying and working toward career goals, finding suitable careers or graduate school programs, getting referrals to employers, boosting networking skills, and assisting with resume creation.While this is an excellent service in many ways, it still leaves the writing up to y0u. The employees working in the Career Centers are usually not certified professional resume writers, so they won’t be able to offer you the level of expertise you may want or need.

You could also use an online template. There are plenty of templates available online, but chances are your resume won’t stand out because it’ll look the same as every other job seeker’s. Plus, this once again leaves the writing up to you. The pre-made templates are usually very obviously “pre-made” to employers, since they look at resumes all day long.

There are also some large, global resume writing services you could use. However, you will not get the personalized support from such a large corporation. These big companies write resumes so often, that they sometimes fail to really get to know the client and take the time tailoring each resume for the client.

When you use a local resume writing service, such as Platinum Resumes, which serves the greater Kansas City & Omaha areas, you’ll get much more personalized service. Our resume writers have years of experience and are certified by the PARWCC. The employees and leaders at Platinum Resumes have a strong passion for helping individuals with their personal career journeys. You’ll even have access to speak directly to the owners of the business who have over a decade of experience in the resume writing business. The writers at Platinum Resumes create personalized resumes tailored to the individual’s career aspirations, experience, and education. We also stand behind our services, and if you are actively job searching without results after engaging our services, we will talk with you and revamp the resume at no extra charge. Contact us at 816-986-0909 to hire a local resume writer who can help you create the perfect resume to fit your goals.


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