Elevator Pitch Examples And Writing Guide For Your Job Search

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What can you do to help ensure you’re getting the attention you deserve in your job search? Simple: An elevator pitch.

Nowadays, people start to realize the value of being highly skillful in their craft. In your case as a job seeker, it can be tough pitching yourself before hiring managers when you know there’s tough competition in front of you.

With that, job seekers like you must use unique ways to pitch yourself as the best bet for your dream role. This guide will show you:

  • The meaning of an elevator pitch;
  • Various instances wherein you must use it; and
  • Proven steps to nail your pitch.

What Elevator Pitch Means

Also called an elevator speech or elevator statement, an elevator pitch is a short, persuasive statement about yourself and what you do. What makes it unique and striking? It’s short enough to present during a brief elevator ride, hence the term.

At maximum, it should exceed 30 seconds. This is the perfect amount of time to get your message across. Also, it serves as a sales pitch that can help you convince whomever you’re talking to. This may lead to a direct sale in your business, a job you’ve been eyeing for months, or simply a new contact you can add to your growing network. Who knows, maybe all it takes for you to achieve your specific goal is to present yourself in a quick yet powerful way.

However, you must be clever about using an elevator pitch. It doesn’t have to daunt you, either. Let’s now talk about when and how you must use one to your advantage.

When and How to Use an Elevator Pitch

While you can craft a common elevator pitch, it’s always best to tailor it to serve various uses. Not only will it help you say it more strongly; it’ll also let you learn more ways on how you can present yourself in a more convincing manner.

At job fairs and career expos, using a good elevator pitch is key to help you stand out among other job seekers there. Likewise, using it in your social media accounts like LinkedIn lets hiring managers and recruiters see a better glimpse of who you are and what you can offer should they give your application a second look. Further, you can also deliver your pitch at networking events.

The most common interview questions include “Tell me something about yourself.” What better way to do so than using a compelling elevator pitch? This can help give the job interviewer an informed glimpse of your profile.

Also, people tend to listen more when they think you’re honest and credible. These traits help them like and trust you. Hence, work on your body language and confidence so you won’t have a hard time pitching.

Strengthen your job search with proven tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Job Seeker Saying His Elevator Pitch During Business Networking

How to Create an Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

How do you go about writing an elevator pitch to upgrade your job search and networking pursuits? Start with these foolproof tips!

1. Introduce yourself.

State your full name with a smile on your face (don’t overdo it, though!), extend your hand for a firm handshake, and open the talk with something light.

2. Give an outline of what you do.

This part is your best chance to give a brief background of yourself. Hence, focus on the top details you want to highlight based on the purpose of your elevator speech.

3. State what you want.

To complement your background, you must state your goal clearly. Use this moment to explain your value offer. It’ll also be best if you can be more assertive to achieve the goal of your pitch.

4. End with a striking call to action.

Don’t leave your listener hanging. No matter how convinced they became after hearing your elevator pitch, your efforts will go to waste if you don’t ask or state what you want to happen next. Asking for a meeting or showing your interest in a job post are some examples. Hand over your business card as well.

Things to Avoid During Your Elevator Speech

Be wise in how you create and deliver an elevator pitch. Avoid these pitfalls to ace your elevator speech.

Speaking Too Fast

This usually happens when people tend to get nervous or too eager to get their message across given that short time they have. Avoid this as it will only give your listeners a hard time getting what you’re saying, and they will end up not convinced at all.


This goes for both writing and speaking. You wouldn’t want to be vague in your statement, as this could only do more harm to you than good. Avoid writing unclear sentences, making your pitch all over the place. Instead, use simple yet striking words and phrases to describe what you do. This will also be perfect once you’re ready to deliver it in a way that sounds natural and confident.

Focusing on Features Instead of Benefits

Another common mistake in creating and stating an elevator pitch is that it’s too focused on your professional features. While this can be a good substance of your self-introduction, you only have less than a minute to pitch yourself!

What you can do instead is to highlight key points on what you do and how it helps others, solves problems, or contributes to the organization you’re representing. This way, you can leave an enticing impression to those you intend to talk to by focusing on how your work helps make a difference.

Business Networking Involves Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Examples

Here are some effective elevator pitch examples to guide you as you create your own.

For Job Interviews

Hi, my name is [Your Name]. After graduating with my degree in [Course], I’ve done [most relevant experiences you have]. I’ve successfully [your top achievement/s]. I was honored to have been referred to this opportunity in the [field or industry you’re interviewing for]. Since it has always been my passion and goal to [your specific career goals related to the position], I believe I can bring my [your top skills and abilities fit for the role] to this position.

For Networking

Hello, my name is [Your Name]. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I have a background in [your background] with [your number of years] of experience [your main role or key experiences] for [your specific audience or recipients of the products and services you offer]. I’ve been successful in the [more specific tasks and achievements you gained in your past experiences and how it contributed to the company]. It sounds like you do similar work. I’d love to keep in touch to learn more about what you and your company do.

For Job Searches

Hi, I’m [Your Name]. I’ve spent the last [number of years of experience] learning and growing as [your previous role]. This is where I’ve [relevant experiences] for our [your main target audience]. One of my proudest achievements was [your key feat] [date when you achieved it]. I’ve been interested in expanding my skills and knowledge base by being part of your company with a similar role. Would you mind telling me about any [your expertise or skills you aim to offer] needs you may have on the team?

Expert tip: Always tailor your pitch to serve whatever purpose you may have. These are great pitch templates to get you started, but owning your speech makes it more effective.

Handshake Of Two Men In Business Suits

Let an Expert Create Your Elevator Pitch

As you prepare for your job search, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Writing your powerful resume, searching for your ideal companies or jobs, and preparing for a job interview are just some of these. With that, you might have a hard time crafting a persuasive statement of who you are as a professional while having too much on your plate.

The good thing is, our team of career experts at Resume Professional Writers is here for you!

If you need expert help for your online elevator pitch, our LinkedIn profile writing service aims to help you build your profile and establish a strong online presence in the professional world! Once we’ve written your LinkedIn headline, crafted an elevator pitch, and emphasized vital details you can use in your profile, get ready to increase your chances of getting noticed by more recruiters and hiring managers.

Likewise, your resume can also serve as your written pitch as you apply for a job. Ensure a well-written one starting with your resume intro. We created these specific guides for you to follow if you choose to write your own:

Again, you don’t have to burden yourself into writing a resume if you’re not sure how to go about it. Let our best resume writing services do the tedious work for you! Choose the best package that fits your needs and experience how it’s like to be more confident in your job search. You may also contact us for more queries!

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