The Surprising Problem With Your LinkedIn Headline

The Surprising Problem With Your LinkedIn Headline

I recently conducted an informal review of LinkedIn Headlines and found a surprising problem: 

More than 90% show ONLY their current job in this field, using perhaps 60 of the 220 characters allowed.

In other words, your LinkedIn Headline is far too SHORT (and boring).

You’re truly missing a golden opportunity to promote a strong personal brand! Here’s why you should change your Headline – immediately:

Your Headline follows you everywhere on LinkedIn.

No matter how others find you on LinkedIn, your Headline is the FIRST field they’ll notice after your name. It shows up in your posts, comments, and anywhere your Profile is found.

If your Headline is limited to your current job, other users can’t discern any difference between you and others in your field.

You’re making others read your ENTIRE Profile to find why you’re good at what you do… and honestly, most of them won’t take the time.

Get around this problem by adding more keywords and even an achievement to your Headline, like this example:

Chief Commercial Officer Leading 23% New Growth From Sales Enablement, Team Motivation, and Shorter Sales Cycles in EMEA and Americas.

You’ll now have an automatic introduction in your Headline that speaks before you do.

Your current job probably doesn’t reflect the one you want.

I’ll bet your job title fails you in numerous ways. Does it describe how you lead teams, cut costs, affect global operations, drive strategy, or any of your other executive competencies?

If you want to be courted by employers or recruiters, show them WHAT you do and WHY you’re an expert in your field.

For example, if you’re a healthcare CEO, Hospital Turnarounds, Patient Care Quality, New Service Lines, and Physician Relations are critical skills. If you add them to your Headline, you could experience a dramatic rise in views to your Profile and a strong possibility of more employer inquiries.

As another example, an IT leader could benefit from incorporating Agile, Digital Transformation, RPA, Remote Connectivity, or other in-demand skills.

See A Fast Formula for a Powerful LinkedIn Headline for more pointers.


Your Headline is the BEST personal brand tool available on LinkedIn.

Keywords in your Headline will make a HUGE difference in your competitive edge over other leaders. A single skill in this field provides the same effect as using it DOZENS of other times in other sections. (Take my word for it; I’ve tested this multiple times.)

More content in your Headline not only gives you an automatic advantage – it also introduces you (to every LinkedIn user!) as a sought-after leader with robust skills. 

Don’t keep ranking behind others in your industry – and don’t wait to make these changes!

Even if you add a few more keywords and crucial areas of strength in your work, you’ll be far ahead of most LinkedIn users – AND benefit from a standout LinkedIn Headline that showcases your brand.

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